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warss design studio

WARSS DESIGN specialises in residential and public projects.

We are experienced in working with corporations and carry out complex projects for residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shops and bars and other public buildings. Our company is based in Gdansk and has an office in Berlin.
Our main market in which we operate is Germany. We have been present here since 2014 carrying out projects for partners such as : VW Immobilien GmbH and NH Hotels. Since 2021 we are also active in the market in Cyprus, UAE and Africa.

Interior architecture is the heart of our business. The aesthetics, style and creation of spaces reflect the character of the company’s founder and chief designer Hanna Wars since the beginning. Interior designs are based on several fundamental principles; firstly, functional utility, secondly, harmony and balance of composition, and thirdly, creation and ingenuity.

WARSS DESIGN is also a team of architects working together on complex construction projects.
We implement conceptual and innovative projects. We are guided by the principle of sustainable design and environmental protection. Modular construction and the use of eco-friendly construction materials such as wood or steel allow us to promote a modern style in architecture.

WARSS DESIGN is also a real estate agency primarily for complex investment properties. Related activities in the real estate sector on the Polish and German markets enable cooperation between Polish and German investors in the joint implementation of project activities. We have partners and construction teams who, under our supervision, are able to realise even the most demanding project.
We have our own management department, capable of implementing any project.

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