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We are a team of specialists operating in the architecture, interior design, investment and real estate sectors.
The author’s work of WARSS specializes in modular architecture, floating house designs, interior design and public utility arrangements.

The studio has experience in working with corporations. We implement projects for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shops and bars mainly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The studio is based in Poland and a conference office in Germany. The owner and founder of the studio is Hanna Wars.

In 2007, Hanna Wars started working on projects in the field of “interior design”. She studied in London at the KLC School of Design and in Gdańsk, she graduated from the University of Gdańsk at the Faculty of Law.

WARSS is currently working on projects all over Europe. Since 2013, the studio has been running projects in Berlin, where it has a design and executive team of three. In 2019, the studio was nominated for the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London for the project “Rockrib” carried out in Berlin in 2018.

The studio specializes in the design of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, commercial and business spaces. Cooperation with corporations such as: NH Hotels, Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH has resulted in strong and stable professional relationships.

From 2020, the studio has expanded its team to include renowned architects Anna Król and Barbara Reiter, with whom it creates outdoor architecture. Together with architects, in 2021 participated in a conference and exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she maintains professional contacts.

In the same year, the designer Hanna Wars expanded the scope of her activities to modular construction and floating houses. Together with a team of designers and marine construction engineers from Gdańsk, she developed the technology of floating platforms for construction on water. Houseboats, floating platforms and modular houses are some of the ongoing and supervised projects in Europe. We work with designers of cubature and construction architecture as well as engineers of the shipping industry. We implement projects based on construction on river platforms, creating buildings from industrial containers.

Since 2022, Hanna Wars has been running projects in Africa-Kenya, where, together with a professional partner in the field of sustainable development architecture, she uses old containers for recycling and adaptation to modern ecological and energy-saving construction, creating modern residential architecture.

The project team carries out the project based on three phases:

STAGE I – conceptual design / preliminary design
At this stage, we discuss the requirements for the project, receive a briefing from the investor, and agree on the functional structure of the space. If there is a necessity, we carry out a site visit, prepare an inventory and then create a three-dimensional concept of a 3D interior – visualizations, on the basis of which we decide on the overall style and nature of the project.

STAGE II – Executive design
After accepting the concept, we start working on the technical design. The detailed design includes all the necessary elements that make up the architecture. The technical documentation consists of precise working drawings. Designers prepare the project based on the budget to be agreed with the investor.

STAGE III – supervision over the project
In this phase, the project is implemented and it is the process of exercising control and proper schedule of works. The WARSS representative exercises direct supervision during the implementation of the project and cooperates with construction companies and industry techniques. In addition, it deals with logistics and delivery of materials. Cooperation at this stage guarantees that the project will be completed in accordance with the approved conceptual design.

Due to contacts and connections with investors, WARSS is also a real estate agency.
We are looking for investors for a specific project and we implement project tasks enabling the implementation of investment assumptions.
If you want to know more about us, please contact us at: info@warssdesign.de

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