Hanna Wars

Hanna Wars is the head designer and owner of Warss Design studio and has been successfully implementing interior concepts for private and commercial projects since 2007. She is a graduate of the KLC School of Design in London and the University of Gdansk. In 2019, Hanna Wars was nominated for the prestigious “Restaurant and Bar Design Awards” in London for her design of the Rockrib restaurant, realised in Berlin in 2018. The designer works with some of the largest hotel chains in Europe, such as NH Hotels, ACCOR Group and Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH. The design and construction teams in Germany and Poland are competent partners for complete interior concepts for new and existing facilities. Hotel and restaurant buildings, wellness and spa facilities, leisure and recreation buildings, offices and offices, public buildings, retail and commercial areas, reception areas and recreation areas.
In exterior architecture, the designer’s specialities are modular architecture and sustainable architecture.
Economy and ecology as well as modern technologies dominate the original and contemporary design solutions. The main direction in which Hanna Wars moves smoothly is building with containers and industrial materials, which are reused in usable spaces as building materials.
An additional experience of the designer is modular construction on water. In particular, floating houses and public facilities floating on inland waters. The use of energy-efficient solutions and the best available raw materials allows the creation of modern construction adapted to the current demand of the real estate market. The designer works with the best engineers in the shipbuilding industry and is active in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, where she collaborates on global markets.

Wojciech Grzybowski

Wojciech Grzybowski, engineer, graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology.
After graduating, he gained his many years of experience working in the shipbuilding and yachting industry in Poland and many other countries, cooperating with various shipowners and shipyards from Europe and other continents.
His main role was supervising the design and construction of interiors such as prefabricated bathrooms and furniture builds on various ships both cargo and many passenger ferries.
He has been involved in the land market and modular volume construction for several years.
In his current activities and career, he is involved in the executive supervision and coordination of renovation and construction works as well as the fitting out of flats, houses and hotels. He is also experienced in real estate sales on the domestic and foreign markets and has been successful in selling to the benefit of his business partners.

Joanna Krajza

Joanna Krajza is our contact person for your potential properties. In her position as Investment Relationship Manager, her task is to identify the potential and prospects of a property in order to evaluate and increase the value of this investment.
Joanna does not work as a classic broker, but as an independent broker in OFF-MARKET transactions. Her career started in Hamburg where she has an office and a permanent residence. The knowledge gained in Germany enriches our company and her experience covers a range of values and is characterised by excellent business relationships with
institutional investors, owners, architects, developers and construction companies.
Our core business is to combine our various competences and focus on the properties and objectives of our clients in such a way that tasks are completed individually and purposefully.

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