Lounge Club – Hotel Wolfsburg

When designing the Lounge Club of the hotel complex in Wolfsburg for Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH (VWI), the main goal was to create an interesting and atmospheric place for the management of the automotive corporation during their stay at congresses and conferences.

The interior design of the Lounge Club is inspired by the assumption that only nature gives us the opportunity to fully relax and create the perfect conditions in which we can rest and regenerate. This was a challenge for our interior designers, where we wanted to show the limits of design possibilities.

The bamboo elements and plant decorations used are in perfect harmony with the concrete and untreated wood elements. The industrial materials add a unique style to the design and emphasize the floral feel of the space.

The WARSS DESIGN BERLIN team designed the project for Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH (VWI) and was responsible for coordinating with the investor during the design process.

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