Schlüterstraße – Apartment Berlin

Preserving the style and exclusive character of this apartment building from 1910, located in Berlin Charlottenburg, was a prerequisite for the renovation of this spacious condominium.

The renewal of the ceiling stucco and the refurbishment of the wooden parquet revived the classic charm of the old building apartment. Finishing the walls with textured plaster and generous ceiling heights helped maintain a unique indoor environment. The entire interior is done in shades of gray and white marble. The modern and minimalist kitchen furniture creates a perfect unity with the individual design elements and the elegance of the 1920s.

WARSS DESIGN had complete supervision over the course of the entire design and execution planning for this project and was responsible for all material deliveries and their logistics in addition to the construction.

The team of WARSS DESIGN BERLIN and stood by the investor as a contact partner until completion.

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