outdoor investments

WARSS DESIGN realizes complex and extraordinary outdoor investment projects and specializes, among others, in leisure and tourism projects, hotels, apartments and floating houses as well as accommodation units based on modular systems and extravagant container buildings.

In the field of “outdoor” investments and modular buildings, WARSS DESIGN accompanies investors from the beginning of the planning process – creates concept designs, prepares a team for the development of execution plans and technical designs, participates in the targeted acquisition of investors for the respective project and is supportive in the sale of the investment – in order to achieve the best possible result in the interest of our clients.

WARSS DESIGN‘s project team, specialized in shipbuilding and engineering, prepares management plans for ground and water areas and designs superstructures for floating platforms in cooperation with companies specialized in the construction of container buildings.

WARSS DESIGN is connected to Gdansk Shipyard through its headquarters in the Polish Hanseatic city of Gdansk and has local support for water projects. For the successful implementation of the project, the realization of the investment projects is carried out in B2B cooperation with industry-specific companies and professionals.

Our project and execution teams in Gdansk & Berlin will be happy to advise you on your project and also assist you with classic construction and investment projects, assist with marketing analysis and create project arrangements and interior concepts.

E-Mail: info@warssdesign.de


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