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The idea of sustainability in architecture is to design, build and use with tomorrow in mind. The aim of sustainable construction is to meet social needs, to maintain market competitiveness and to be environmentally friendly. In the face of dwindling energy supplies, architecture should guarantee recuperation and recycling opportunities in order to protect the planet for future generations.
These ideas and values are fundamental to the work of the WARSS design team, who create architecture every day.

We offer construction according to an individual design to clients who have not found a ready-made house design suitable for them in our offer. Our designers undertake many innovative solutions taking into account investors’ needs, expectations and suggestions. Ready-made prefabricated houses based on individual designs are original and unique. They are characterised primarily by innovative construction and unconventional solutions regarding the use of usable space.

An individual design is a project made according to the customer’s detailed specifications. We start the design process by listening to the investor – his needs, preferences, suggestions and expected benefits. We go to the site to get to know the plot and its immediate surroundings, so that their advantages can be optimally used when designing the building. We prepare a design concept, which is used to analyse the building and land development conditions. It includes computer visualisations of the plot’s use, individual storeys, external elevations and perspective drawings of the building mass, which we use in the further design stage. Once the client accepts the concept, we proceed with the development of the land use project and the architectural-construction project. As part of the latter, our designers and architects prepare the following designs: architectural, structural, sanitary and central heating installations as well as electrical and teletechnical installations. We equip the finished project with all the necessary decisions and arrangements, after which we obtain a building permit on behalf of the client.

WARSS DESIGN designers deal with complex and unusual projects. Hotel resorts, floating houses, restaurants on the water and other modular structures are in our team’s portfolio. Modern technology, economy and ecology are a priority for our architects.

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