In the era of sustainable architecture, where technology and optimization processes play a key role in the preparation of the design and later in the functioning of the building – the role of the Architect is to coordinate the design process and, above all, to create value.
An architect as a creator and coordinator in a complex design process has to reconcile various specialists. In the interdisciplinary design process, he should always stand on the side of the user of the created space.
The idea of sustainable development in architecture is design, construction and use with tomorrow in mind. The purpose of sustainable construction is to meet social needs, maintain market competitiveness and be environmentally friendly. In the face of shrinking energy stocks, architecture must ensure the possibility of recuperation and recycling in order to protect the planet for future generations.
The above ideas and values are the basis for the work of the WARSS design team, who creates architecture on a daily basis.

Hanna Wars is the main designer and owner of an interior studio and has been successfully implementing interior concepts for private and commercial projects since 2007. After graduating from the KLC School of Design in London, Hanna Wars graduated from the University of Gdańsk. In 2019, Hanna Wars was nominated for the prestigious “Restaurant and Bar Design Awards” in London for the interior design of the Rockrib restaurant, implemented in Berlin in 2018. Hanna Wars works with the largest hotel chains in Europe, such as NH Hotels, ACCOR Group and Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH. Design and construction teams in Germany and Poland are a competent partner for complete interior concepts for new and existing properties. Hotel and catering buildings, Wellness and SPA, Recreational and recreational buildings, Offices and offices, Public utility buildings, Retail and commercial spaces, Reception and recreational areas, Outdoor real estate and special facilities.
In outdoor architecture, the designer’s specialty is modular architecture and sustainable development architecture.
Economy and eco-friendliness as well as modern technologies dominate in original and modern design solutions. The main direction in which Hanna Wars is moving fluently is construction of containers and industrial materials that are re-used in utility spaces as building materials.
The designer’s additional experience is modular construction on water. In particular, floating houses and public utility facilities floating in inland waters. The use of energy-saving solutions and the best available raw materials allows for the creation of modern construction adapted to the current demand on the real estate market. The designer works with the best engineers from the shipbuilding industry and operates in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, where she cooperates on global markets.

Barbara Reiter, architect, Member of the Council of the Pomeranian Chamber of Architects and chairman of the Training Committee at POIA. A guide to self-sufficient architecture, author of a European approach to design that meets the criteria of sustainable development, i.e. respect for water, greenery and light. Cultivates the spirit of hope in architecture and a vision of the future as the basis for the growth of the smallest community that is the family. She creates architecture for happy families.She introduces new thinking about ecology, which is an optimal way of life, in harmony with yourself and order in space, which gives a sense of meaning and value. She creates an architecture that becomes a psychologist, that people love with their hearts, not just with their eyes. She introduces spatial order and social development through the synergy of self-sufficient, modular and ecological solutions.When designing, she takes into account the value of the property and its potential in terms of its future value. She brings out the potential of the place by multiplying the value of the property. Effectively finds savings based on an original approach to design.

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